Prenatal & Women’s Health Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a gentle yet powerful yoga class specifically designed for the pregnant woman's body, however, all women will benefit. The pregnant body is quite different from the non-pregnant body and there are some specific alterations and modifications to yoga that help the pregnant mother have a more healthy, strong and safe pregnancy. I teach a strengthening flow-style class that will include some breathing exercises useful for pregnancy and birth and will leave you feeling calm and peaceful. It will also help you to incorporate correct body alignment, breathing and movement into your daily lives so that you may be able to enjoy the many positive benefits that follow.

Meditation is an essential part of a well-rounded yoga practice. I incorporate short meditation practices into the end of my yoga classes, but I earnestly encourage all women to discover how daily personal meditation can bring great peace and rejuvenation into their pregnancies and lives. Bringing the soul into unity with The Divine through yoga and meditation has been and remains to be the most blissful, challenging, expansive, and peace-inducing journey of my life. I feel it an honor and a joy to share in this journey with all like-minded seekers of enlightenment.

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