Midwife Services

Our pricing for high quality and supportive midwifery care is affordable so that everyone can have home birth as an option.
We work with a professional midwifery billing agency that is expert in knowing the in's and out's of billing insurance companies for home birth.
If you are not covered or do not have insurance, please call to get more information on out-of-pocket/cash-pay and payment plan options.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal visits are once a month for the first and second trimesters, and every other week during your seventh and eighth months, and weekly during the month before you deliver.  Our care includes offering the standards of maternity care, educating and explaining each procedure--its benefits and risks--to help the mother in the decision making process, risk assessment, some diagnostic testing, nutritional counseling, a book lending library, and birth preparation.  

A typical prenatal visit will include measuring the fetal growth, movement, and position, checking baby’s heart tones, as well as assessing the mother’s vital signs and a urinalysis and occasionally a hemoglobin check.  We will discuss any concerns, the diet, supplementation, water intake, risk assessment questions and anything else that pertains to the mother or baby’s health at that particular time. We will also be spending a fair amount of time educating on upcoming options regarding you or your baby’s health, standards of care, and preparations for childbirth, breastfeeding, infant care and beyond.

Labor and Birth

We will come to your home when you are in active labor and provide support and monitor the baby’s heart tones at regular intervals and more frequently during the second stage of labor to insure that baby is doing well.  We carry oxygen and resuscitation equipment, should they become necessary.  We also carry medications, IV fluids, suturing instruments including lidocaine for numbing and other medical supplies to aid in complications should they arise.

Postpartum Care

We stay as long as necessary to insure that both mother and baby are stable.   Vitals are monitored, a newborn exam is done, and breastfeeding is established.  We also want to see that mother eats something nutritious and is able to urinate and ambulate normally.

We keep in touch by phone and also do several postpartum visits.  The first visit will be to your home 24-48 hours after the birth. We offer visits at one, two and four weeks at our office. We will discuss with you and we may increase or decrease your amount of visits to accommodate your needs. A final six-week visit to discuss family planning, assure that you have healed and feel recovered from birth and to take a final weight check on baby.  

What's included in Midwifery Services: 

  • 24/7 on-call phone service
  • Birth kit
  • Routine Lab Work: Initial Prenatal/OB Panel, Glucose Screening, Iron levels, and Group B Strep Swab (additional lab work, outside of routine, may not be included, but may be covered by insurance).
  • One 20-week Ultrasound (additional ultrasounds, may not be included)
  • Water birth tub
  • Newborn Screening Card
  • Prenatal Care:
    • Free consultation interview to determine appropriateness for midwifery care
    • All prenatal check-ups
    • Screening of maternal vitals, physical exam, weight (optional), and urinalysis
    • Assessment of fetal heart-rate, growth, positioning
    • Evaluation of diet and nutritional instruction
    • Monitoring emotional well-being and providing support and referral to outside resources, as neceassary
    • Supplement and natural remedy recommendations (herbal, homeopathic, essential oil and more)
    • Vaginal exam towards the end of pregnancy, if desired
    • Resources, hand-outs and recommendations for healthy pregnancy
    • Access to Empowered Birth's digital and physical library
    • Creating space for listening with love and building up a caring and professioanl relationship that will help you feel safe and satisfied.
    • Belly-painting at 35+ weeks (optional)
  • Labor:
    • On-call for your labor from weeks 37-43
    • Management and care of labor with 1-2 midwives and assistants
    • Intermittent fetal monitoring
    • Assessment of and natural recommendations for labor progress
    • Continual reasurrance, comfort measures, natural rememdies and suggestions for a peaceful and empowering labor and birth experience.
    • Oxygen and all other necessary equipment and supplies
    • Suturing as needed
    • Water birth as desired
    • IV fluids and/or medications used at your birth
    • Newborn exam
    • Newborn medications: Vitamin K & Eye Ointment
    • Breastfeeding support
  • Postpartum:
    • Approximately 4-6 postpartum check-ups, more as needed
    • Breastfeeding education and support
    • Maternal assessment of vitals and postpartum healing
    • Newborn well-being checks, weight, elimination pattern, physical exams, vitals
    • Hearing Screen
    • Pulse Oximeter Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD)
    • Emotional evaluation, support and referral as necessary
      NOTE: Anything abnormal found in well-baby checks will be promptly referred to the baby's pediatrician.

Potential extra fees:

  • Rhogam shot as indicated for Rh-negative moms, only.
  • If you would like us to come to your home for all of the prenatal visits, the cost will vary on distance.
  • Small fee for getting prescription medications called in.